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The Snake-In-The-Box

These pages are intended to serve as an exhaustive repository of information on the Snake-in-the-Box problem. The problem itself is easy to describe: Given an n-dimensional hypercube, find the longest path with no chords. Solving it, however, is actually exceptionally difficult, and the problem has applications in many fields. There are many things yet to be discovered in this area and we hope to be the first step in research for any person interested in the Snake-in-the-Box problem. Our database page provides you with a large collection of references, snake codes for dimensions 1-8 and a cool dictionary of terms. This page is hosted by the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at The University of Georgia.

If you have contributions to make to this page, please let us know. We hope you will find the tools and resources on this page useful. To get started, select one of the links on the menu above.

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