ProNTo   =   Prolog Natural Language Tools

Most of these reusable software packages were developed by students in CSCI/LING 8570 at The University of Georgia. A few were developed by the instructor, or by people associated with the course in other ways.
     Many of them are related in some way to WordNet, a lexical database distributed by Princeton University.
     Most of them run under SWI-Prolog, a leading free compiler for the Prolog language that sticks close to the ISO standard. It should be easy to port them to other versions of Prolog.

Copyright: Unless otherwise indicated, these software packages are the intellectual property of their respective authors, and are published here for others to learn from, and to reuse non-commercially. Commercial exploitation requires the author's permission.

How to cite: Any project that uses this code must give proper credit both in the code and in the documentation. A suggested bibliography format for citing these items is:

Covington, Michael A. (2003)  ET the Efficient Tokenizer. University of Georgia. ../ProNTo.

User support: None. These are completed projects. Many of them are still in use and will be extended in future years; some won't. Please e-mail (Michael Covington) if you find serious problems, but please understand that we receive no continuing funds for these projects and cannot do any substantial amount of work to help people elsewhere.

In many cases, our students or recent graduates would be glad to work for you (for a reasonable hourly fee) to deploy and extend this software. To see if the author of a package is still at The University of Georgia, use the University's online directory, and if unsuccessful, contact the Artificial Intelligence Center.